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Acne Safe Shaving

Acne Safe Shaving Tips and Tricks

  Here are some shaving tips and tricks: Be sure to pay attention to your pre-shave routine. Soften the bristles of your beard by using lukewarm water and an acne-safe, pre-shave soap to prep your skin for a smoother shave. Some great options include Acne Wash, Mandelic Wash, Ultra Gentle Cleanser, or Sensitive Skin Cleansing […]

Comedogenic Ingredients

  Comedogenic ingredients should be avoided while undergoing acne treatment and for a lifetime of clear skin. Even mildly comedogenic ingredients like Talc can be troublesome to some. Please use only loose acne safe mineral foundations like Mineral Hygienics, which I highly recommend. It covers beautifully and leaves the skin flawless! Just click on any of […]