Acne and Extractions 101 Course

June 28, 2021 9-3

This is a 6 hour lecture developed with the working knowledge of an Esthetician specializing in Acne and based on science. We will discuss what acne is, types of acne lesions, and health factors that contribute to acne.  We will discuss what lifestyle changes your client must do to get clear skin, and how to treat acne professionally as an esthetician. We will go over the broad topic of comedogenic ingredients, clarify and confuse. We will touch on extraction techniques for different types of lesions and when not to extract. We will venture into the topic of “acne look-a-like” lesions that are not really acne. This class is developed with years of acne experience and years of clearing clients successfully. (Instructor is Rachel Geschke, Licensed Aesthetics Instructor.) Cost is $300!

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