Acne Safe Shaving Tips and Tricks



Here are some shaving tips and tricks:

  • Be sure to pay attention to your pre-shave routine. Soften the bristles of your beard by using lukewarm water and an acne-safe, pre-shave soap to prep your skin for a smoother shave. Some great options include Acne Wash, Mandelic Wash, Ultra Gentle Cleanser, or Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel.
  • Throw out that rotary or multiple blade razor. These can cause aggravating ingrown hairs, leading to inflamed acne. Instead, use a single edge razor such as the Merkur. The heavier weight ensures that the razor will do the work, resulting in less skin scraping and more of an efficient shave. Make sure you keep all shaving implements clean and blades sharp! Have a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol handy to sanitize your blades between shaves and switch the blades out once to twice a week for an optimum shaving experience.
  • Shave with the grain using slow, short, overlapping strokes. This prevents ingrown hairs and irritation from going over the same area more than once. Break the habit of shaving upward, against the grain, or over the same area multiple times to try and get a closer shave.
  • If you use clippers or T-edger blades, keep them clean! You can find sanitizing supplies at any beauty supply store. And keep your clippers to yourself—don’t share with anyone. If you get your trims done at the barbershop, keep a sharp eye out to make sure they are properly cleaning any implement that comes into contact with your skin.
  • Resist the temptation to tweeze any ingrown hairs. Sure you’ll be rid of them for a time, but they will return with a vengeance! And when they grow back, the vicious cycle continues as they just get trapped under the surface of the skin and become ingrown again and again.

We hope these tips shed some light on the art of shaving with acne-prone skin. Complements of Face Reality Acne Clinic and Skin Care.