Comedogenic Ingredients



Comedogenic ingredients should be avoided while undergoing acne treatment and for a lifetime of clear skin. Even mildly comedogenic ingredients like Talc can be troublesome to some.

logo (1)Please use only loose acne safe mineral foundations like Mineral Hygienics, which I highly recommend. It covers beautifully and leaves the skin flawless! Just click on any of the products to lead to my online store where I have loads of acne safe make up and lipsticks to choose from. Mineral Hygienics is also Formaldehyde Free!

Hair products with ingredients on this list can also be a problem for those undergoing acne treatments. Men especially need to be wary of many products like Axe hair products and body washes! They may be marketed well, but they will exacerbate acne.

Please take time to download this free list of comedogenic-ingredients here.