Skin and Acne Specialist

I want you to take control of your acne. Please don’t spend money on useless make up and skin care until you know what ingredients to avoid in your acne prone skin. Most of us have spent thousands trying to fix it and can’t without my help. I specialize in your type of skin and I have been treating it successfully for over 4 years. I also have acne so I know exactly what you are going through dealing with my own acne for 20+ years.  When you take time to schedule a Consultation with me, you will leave with a wealth of information and a jump start to clearer skin. I am trained by Face Reality Acne Clinic which were developed with the research of Dr James Fulton, Jr. a pioneer in the use of skin care to moderate acne and author of the book Acne Rx. I promise your journey with me will be the best investment in you!

Rachel Geschke,
Licensed Esthetician, State of Wisconsin #1695-86, Licensed Esthetics Instructor

Training and Education:

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