The Fabulous Red Light Facial

LED is your Natural Way to firm and boost collagen! Enjoy the warm steam activated Enzyme to exfoliate and gently brighten, your skin. Prepare to relax and hydrate the skin with a glorious facial and shoulder massage. Boost your firming results with the Vitamin C enriched LED light activated mask. Your mask enhances Red LED light to accelerate the natural wrinkle repair processes.  For firm, youthful skin that is so healthy and radiant, it glows!

Red LED Light plumps and boosts collagen, with continued use and treatments, 100% of people notice a difference in their skin in as little as 8 weeks.

60 min.


The Facial Special is a treat for those who love variety in their skin care services. This monthly service is a client favorite! You service evolves with the seasons, holidays, cutting edge ingredients, and by popularity! This is a way for you to try a new and exciting skin treatment every month!”


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