Lash Bomb Lash Lifts – The Ultimate Lash Lift



The “Lash Lift” is an eyelash procedure that curls, lifts and shapes your natural lashes. Your lashes are extended upwards from root to tip, creating a longer lifted appearance that opens up the eyes for a easier, more dramatic natural look! Fall in love with your lashes! Lash Bomb is an innovative method of giving the illusion that natural lashes are longer and have more volume. With the eyes being the focal point of the face a lash lift and tint is the ultimate way to enhance natural beauty.

No Contacts or Eye Makeup on please when you come into your service!

Lashes stay lifted for 6-8 weeks up to 2-3 months! Suitable for long and short lashes.

AFTERCARE: Must keep lashes dry for 24-48 hours after service!

No heat, steam. (no cooking over steaming stove tops) saunas, water, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes or pads on lashes. Please stop Lash Growth Products two days before service! 

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