30% Citric Acid Peel – SAAS Skin Care – 2 OZ – Professionals Only


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Use: Professional pH 3 | 2 OZ | 60 ML

Great for skin texture, sensitive skin, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. The 30% Citric Acid peel is an AHA derived from fruit. This is a light, superficial AHA that has skin benefits of antioxidants, increase in epidermal thickness and hyaluronic acid content of the skin. This peel creates natural skin brightening and softening!

Directions: Cleanse and degrease skin as per Peel Prep Solution application instructions. Allow to dry and fan if necessary since this may tingle. Apply Peel with a 2 x 2 pad evenly on the skin. Procedure should be timed according to how quickly erythema develops. Up to 5 Min. Neutralize as per Peel Neutralizer Solution instructions.

Ingredients: Available upon request.

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