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Acne kit 4 is perfect for normal, or normal to dry, acne prone skin. This kit will help clear mild to moderate noninflamed acne (blackheads), acne cosmetica, maturation arrest acne, acne rosacea, or inflamed acne prone skin. Mandelic acid will also assist with fungal acne. (Acne Kit 4 is one step up from kit one for those with more resistant pustules/inflamed acne after being on Acne Tx 2.8)

Acne Kit 4 includes:

  • Essential Skin CleanserRetail in 5 OZ | 150 ML -A refreshing gel cleanser that cleans the skin without stripping your natural oils.
  • Cucumber Hydration Toner – Retail in 5 OZ | 150 ML – Gentle and effective for all skin types while safe for acne prone skin.
  • 5% Mandelic Serum Retail in 1 OZ | 30 ML – Appropriate for most skin types, especially acne prone normal to oily skin types.
  • Acne Tx 5 – Retail in 1 OZ | 30 ML – This is a 5% benzoyl peroxide water-based gel appropriate for teenage, combination, oily or adult acne.
  • Hydration SerumRetail in 1 OZ | 30 ML – This hydrating serum is excellent for acne prone skin, oily skin, and dehydrated skin.
  • Copper Peptide Cream – Retail in 1.69 OZ | 50 ML –  Copper peptides are a fantastic anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps to reduce scarring and stimulates natural Hyaluronic Acid production.

Ingredients: Available upon request.

Please use sunscreen daily!

Purchase of this item requires supervision by Acne Specialist at Skin and Acne Specialist LLC or a Professional Wholesale Account.

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Weight 1 oz

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