June is Acne Awareness Month!

Let’s Play some Acne Trivia! True or False? My acne will go away fast like the internet tells me? False- Getting acne under control is a process and depends on many factors: Diet Supplements and Medications (over the counter and prescription) Appropriate and...

Referral Bonus

For every client you refer you get a $20 Credit! It’s Easy! Refer a friend to me and after they come in you get a Credit for $20.  $20 Credits never expire! $20 Credits can be used for Products, Gift Certificate, or for Services! There is no limit to how many...
Blue LED Lights and Acne

Blue LED Lights and Acne

Light Emitting Diodes/LED LED, commonly referred to simply as light therapy, produces low levels of light energy. Similar to the process by which plant life converts light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis, LED devices generate a type of energy...

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