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Acne and Exercise!

  Step 1: Get a plastic baggie. Step 2: Grab your Acne Safe Toner! Step 3: Soak some 4×4 or 2×2 Nonwoven Gauze pads or Cotton Rounds with your Toner! SEAL UP AND YOU ARE READY TO GO TO THE GYM! “Cleansing your skin after exercise is important. When we exercise our body releases excess iodine […]

January Facial Specials

Pomegranate Peptide Facial Soften fine lines with six different enzymes that work to resurface and brighten with the powerful antioxidant  benefits of pomegranate. You will have delightfully fragrant and delectably smooth skin receptive to the nourishing creamy ultra peptide mask that follows. Peptides in this facial work to plump, reduce and provide profound nourishment to […]