Instructors Course

Course Description:

Instructors training consists of 150 clocked/recorded hours. The subjects below will be covered in theory and practical hours and taught in English. There will be approximately 10 Hours of outside classwork per week.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course requirements, the graduate will be able to:

  • Communicate in an effective manner and have positive interactions with colleagues, supervisors and clients.
  • To develop the teaching skills necessary to be successful in the field as an instructor.
  • To develop teaching skills that will assist in the creation of desirable work habits such as: pride in work, sanitation, grooming and attitudes.
  • To provide positive experiences during all phases of teaching
  • To provide teaching methods in education in practical experience and theory.

Course Format:

  • Discussion
  • Question and Answer
  • Problem Solving
  • Illustrations
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Partner and Team Learning skills
  • Audio-Visual Materials
  • Written and Practical Exams
  • Written and Practical Assignments

Teaching and Learning Methods:

This 150 clock hour education provides a sequential set of learning steps that address the specific tasks and skills necessary to prepare for graduation and job entry-level skills. The classroom is comparable to those used in the industry including necessary products, equipment, and implements. The course is presented through a comprehensive lesson plan that contains effective educational methods in teaching.  Each student will have instruction that relates to the performance of useful, creative and productive career-based activities. The subjects are presented by means of cooperative learning, lectures, demonstrations, labs, and student participation. Each student will participate in projects with audiovisual aids, student activities, and other related learning methods that are incorporated throughout this course of study. 

Grading Policies and Procedures:

A grade point average of 80% must be maintained to be considered satisfactory progress in conjunction with the school’s Graduation Requirements and Grading Policy. Progress will be evaluated by written tests, practical tests, written lesson plans, practical teaching and a final written exam. Students will receive a progress report and performance review midway into the course. This progress report will provide information regarding current grade point average, attendance, and anticipated graduation date. Instructors are available by appointment to assist with meeting satisfactory Graduation Requirements and Grading. If needed, instructors will recommend assignments for extra credit to improve the student’s monthly grade point average.

93-100%- Excellent 

85-92%- Very Good

84-80%- Satisfactory

79% or Below- Improvement Needed


A final mock teaching exam will be performed on written and practical performance of skills acquired in this course. The Instructors Licence is no longer required in Wisconsin but you would be eligible to take the Practical Exam with the licensing company that regulates many states. You would be eligible to take the Wisconsin Instructors Practical with DL Roope,

State Exam: No longer required

Course Content Effective 7/1/2020

SubjectsTheory HoursPractical Hours
I. Orientation
Rules, Goals, and Curriculum
II. Teaching Skills
Objectives, competencies, methods, lesson planning, techniques of the practical laboratory, interpersonal relations, evaluation, and grading principles.
III. Facilitating/Managing Skills
Classroom management, communications, counseling, record keeping and safety/first aid.
IV. Supervised Teaching
Practical application on the clinic floor and basic skills of practical teaching techniques.
Total Hours11040

Required Level of Achievement:

Students must complete the required number of course content hours in both theory and practical. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 80%.


Instructors Course Cost $3,000


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