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Acne and Extractions 101

Description: This is a 6 hour lecture developed with the working knowledge of an Esthetician specializing in Acne and based on science. We will discuss what acne is, types of acne lesions, and health factors that contribute to acne.  We will discuss what lifestyle changes your client must do to get clear skin, and how to treat acne professionally as an Esthetician. We will go over the broad topic of comedogenic ingredients, clarify and confuse. We will touch on extraction techniques for different types of lesions and when not to extract. We will venture into the topic of “acne look-a-like” lesions that are not really acne. This class is developed with years of acne experience and years of clearing clients successfully. Be prepared to take lots of notes, what the hand writes, the mind remembers. Limited Spots available, I hope we get to it all, 6 hours is may not be enough time for 7 years of knowledge. (Instructor is Rachel Geschke, Licensed Aesthetics Instructor.) Cost is $300!

Brazilian Waxing Class

Description: This is a lecture, demonstration, and hands on Brazilian Waxing Class. Be prepared to give a female Brazilian wax and receive one as a part of this intensive hands on training. If you don’t want a Brazilian Wax, please arrange a model for the day of class. Limited Spots available. (Instructor is Danielle Marx, Licensed Aesthetics Instructor. Cost is $200!

Microneedling Class

Description: This is a lecture, demonstration, and hands on Microneedling Class. This class is based on the best and safest practices in Microneedling. Be prepared to give a safe, effective Microneedling treatment to one of the participants and receive one as a part of this intensive hands on training. If you don’t want a Microneedling service, please arrange discuss this with the instructor prior to class. Limited Space! (Instructor is Rachel Geschke, Licensed Aesthetics Instructor. Cost is $400!

DermaplanePro Dermaplaning Class

Description: This is a Certification through DermaplanePro. This class is for Licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists or current students! The class is part lecture and part hands on! Kit is included! Instructor is Angel. Cost is $525!

Individual Learning

Course Description:

This is individual training and learning for the industry professional, cosmetologist, or Esthetician looking to improve their skills in the Esthetics field. The options are: one on one training with the instructor, or sitting in on lecture days with the current Esthetician class. You will learn to perform services safely and effectively. You will learn in the areas you need to improve on in a safe, comfortable and easy learning environment.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion, the professional will have increase knowledge and confidence in the Esthetics industry. Some of the possibilities for learning are listed below:

  • Improve your skills in Facials, Body Services or waxing.
  • Have understanding in Wisconsin Esthetician License Practice and Professional Conduct.
  • Review Anatomy and Physiology of the skin.
  • Review Skin Analysis.
  • Review Skin Disorders such as Acne or Pigmentation.
  • Perform extractions effectively, safely and efficiently with a lancet, extractor or finger tips.
  • Learn Contraindications for Facials, Waxing, etc.
  • Learn how to do Client Consultations effectively.
  • Practice and learn facial massage techniques.
  • Improve product knowledge.
  • Greater understanding of some advanced Facial Treatments such as LED Light, Acne, or Microneedling.

Teaching and Learning Methods:

This custom designed education is provided in a sequential set of learning steps that address the specific tasks and skills necessary to prepare the working professional additional skills in the Esthetics industry. The student treatment room is comparable to those used in the industry including necessary products, equipment and implements. The subject is presented by interactive lectures, demonstration and with student participation hands on.

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