How Do I Schedule a Service?

Cilck on specific Service you would like from our menu of services
Once the page opens up click on the blue BOOK NOW Button.

You will now go to Schedulicity!
Next click on the Schedule Now Button!

Pick your service!
Pick your Provider.
Pick your Day/Time!
Now Schedule!

How Do I Get an Approved Account?

Approved accounts are required to purchase prescription-grade products and it’s super easy to get an approved account. Once you have an approved account you will be able to purchase any of the products on our website with just a few clicks.

First you need to create an account on our website. (Note that the password requirements are strict in order to protect your privacy and the security of our website).

Once your account has been created you can click on the Approved Section of the My Account page to request approval. We will contact you to complete the process.

Remember that once you are approved you still need to be logged in to your account to add prescription-grade products to the shopping cart.

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