School Policies and Requirements

Grading Policies and Procedures: Students are assigned academic learning units and a minimum amount of practical experiences required for course completion. Progress will be evaluated by written tests, practical tests, written lesson plans, practical exam and a final written exam.

Students will receive a detailed progress report and performance review midway into the course. This detailed progress report will provide information regarding current grade point average, attendance, and approximate anticipated graduation date.

A grade point average of 75% must be maintained to be considered satisfactory progress in conjunction with the school’s Graduation Requirements and Grading Policy.

Instructor’s are available by appointment to assist with meeting satisfactory Graduation Requirements and Grading. If needed, instructors will recommend assignments for extra credit to improve the student’s monthly grade point average.

A practical evaluation, called a Mock State Exam, will be given to each student prior to graduation. The exam counts toward the student’s grade point average. The Mock State Exam must score above a 75%. A student that is absent on the day of the Mock State Exam, or if the student scores below a 75% on any section of the exam, it must be retaken. An additional $150 fee will apply for those who do not show up for mock exam or reschedule more than one time. If the student does not pass the Mock State Board Exam overtime hours may be required even if the student has reached the required 450 hours.

Exams are graded on a point system which is converted into a percentage. Practical exams are graded as a pass/fail system for each specific criteria. Each criteria will receive a point, points are then added and issued a percentage score based on the number of criteria covered in the exam. Any exam or practical may be timed based on the same criteria used to assess efficiency and timing with industry standards. The grading scale is in a percentage format. Students must maintain a 75% or better GPA to be considered Satisfactory or passing. The GPA is cumulative, but you must have a 75% or better on final written exam and practical exams. (If any funding is dependent on a higher GPA such as 80% or better, you must maintain that GPA.)

93-100%- Excellent

85-92%- Very Good

84-75%- Satisfactory

74% or Below- Improvement Needed

Mock State Exam: The purpose of the exam is to evaluate and review the subjects required for licensing by the Wisconsin State Board. The evaluations are a written and a practical demonstration of skills exam.

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