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There is a new way to treat acne that most don’t know exists. Most acne sufferers start at a dermatologist’s office but it can end at mine. I understand the frustration one feels leaving the doctor’s office with very little information on how to control this inflammatory skin disease. As an adult, I suffered with Acne for over 15 years and searched for treatment options. The internet contains some great information and some acne debilitating information especially when it comes to products, diet, and what is effective treatment.

As an Esthetician for the past 7 years, I’ve spent lots of time working with all different skin types, but I knew when I worked with acneic skin that it excited me, intrigued me and puzzled me. Even with expensive product lines that I had access to in previous position, I was still disabled in my ability to make a difference with my own skin, which hampered my ability to help other acne-prone individuals as well, till now. I spent countless nights searching a company or skin care product and philosophy that made sense to me. Last year I did my normal searching and came across an acne clinic in California called Face Reality. I spent years starting to gain information about acne and its processes. I’ve read books titled The Acne Cure and The Acne Prescription, but until I became certified in acne with Face Reality there wasn’t a way to actually clear peoples skin or my own, until now.


What is an acne specialist? Let me tell you what I do and how I can help. As a face reality acne specialist, I share with a wealth of knowledge during my consultation and as we continue with your treatments. Acne is an inflammatory genetic skin disorder, it comes from the inside of you. Acne is managed and controlled, and will burn itself out one day, but until then I am here to help.

First, we will talk about common products (acne cosmetica) that can cause havoc in acne prone individuals. Products commonly used that can have a direct impact on acne prone skin include:

1. Cleansers

2. Moisturizers

3. Liquid foundation and make-up

4. hair products

5. laundry detergent and fabric softeners

6. hand soap

7. toothpaste

These commonly used products have a direct link to acne due to comedogenic ingredients. That means they contain ingredients that clog pores. How do we know this? Well, back in the 1980’s Dr James Fulton Jr. did a study on cosmetic ingredients. These common ingredients in skin care preparations were tested inside the rabbit’s ear. It usually took about two days to see the reaction to the skin of the rabbit due to its skin’s sensitvity. These products were given a grade from 0-5 depending on how “bad” the acne was inside the ear. A zero meant it was non-comedogenic, while a score of 1 was mildly, up to the worst score, 5. Here are a few common ingredients in skin or hair care below and their numbers:

Isopropyl Myristate 5

Jojoba oil 0-2

Mineral Oil 0

Sodium lauryl sulfate 5

Mineral oil scores a zero which is a common moisturizing ingredient and is safe for acne prone skin, while Isopropyl Myristate scores a five. Isopropyl Myristate is highly comedogenic and is found in hair products, skin products, and Retin A cream. Jojoba oil depending on formulation can be a zero to a two, so mildly comedogenic or pore clogging. Sodium lauryl sulfate one of the most common surfactants in hand soap and shampoo is a 5, and very comedogenic also.


Let’s also talk about the term “oil free” in skin care. This term can be highly deceiving and this is where the individual can get confused. If a product states this on the label, its safe, right- wrong. Even if a product states that it is “oil free” it can contain synthetic oils. Synthetic oils are man made creations and don’t fall under the “oil free” category, that is reserved for natural oils only. A synthetic oil can be a big problem for the acne prone individual. So can we make this more troublesome for the consumer? We must read the ingredient deck on the labels and know your comedogenic ingredients. We must take charge of our own skin care and be our own advocate. For a list of comedogenic ingredients please visit my website and click on the links.


Diet is another factor for the acne individual. It has been widely known that in the past many people have believed the myth, “diet has nothing to do with acne.” A highly flawed chocolate study perpetuated that myth for decades and did nothing but hamper the acne prone individual. Here are some common foods that do have an impact on acne:

Peanuts, Peanut oil and peanut butter

Iodized salt and Iodine

Processed Foods



There are more foods that can impact on acneic skin but these are some of the most consumed. These foods either have a hormonal or inflammatory effect on the body.

As an acne specialist, I work with you to clear your skin in a whole body approach. I have access to many valuable products formulated to clear acne in all different skin types.


How this works? We go thru a medical and product history form. This form gives me clues to what you have tried in the past, your medications, current products and treatments. Even women who are nursing, pregnant or trying to get pregnant can be on an acne program with treatment products approved by their Doctor.


I will give you a wealth of information about diet, supplements and habits that will help in clearing your skin. We will do product testing to find active topical products that are not too drying or irritating to even sensitive skin types like Rosacea. Acne clients typically see me every two weeks until the skin clears and this helps in many ways to:

1. Clear debris from the pore

2. Monitor and alter your homecare

3. Heal existing lesions

Acne prone skin needs more exfoliation than normal skin. This “traffic jam” inside the pore leads to the secondary infection of pustules or “whiteheads” and only certain products can actually exfoliate inside the pore. Your home care prevents new lesions from forming and helps to clear existing lesions. Acne is managed, like any other chronic inflammatory skin disorder, but may or may not be cured. As an acne specialist there is nothing more I want to do than clear your skin and with Face Reality Skin Care I can finally do that.


Rachel Geschke, Face Reality Acne Specialist
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inside Amy B & Co Salon and Spa
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Excerpts from:

The AcneRX by Dr James Fulton jr

The Acne Prescription by Dr Nicholas Perricone

Use of the rabbit ear model in evaluating the comedogenic potential of cosmetic ingredients


Research Center 2121 Route 27, Edison NJ 08818.

Received October 1981.

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