Let’s Play some Acne Trivia!

True or False? My acne will go away fast like the internet tells me? False- Getting acne under control is a process and depends on many factors:

  • Diet
  • Supplements and Medications (over the counter and prescription)
  • Appropriate and consistent skin care routine
  • The elimination of Pore-clogging ingredients in your Hair Care, Skin Care, and Make-up!
  • Don’t forget your overall health! Night shift or high stress jobs are tough on acne prone individuals! Stressful jobs and situations contribute to the inflammation and worsening of acne!

How long will it take to get my acne under control?

  • Inflammatory Acne (Papules, Pustules, Cysts and Nodules) can take 3-4 months of diligent home care, acne treatments and absence of acne irritating substances listed above in question one!
  • Non-inflamed Acne (Blackheads, Maturation Arrest or Closed Comedones) can take up to 8 months depending on how much is under the skin. This type of acne is the most illusive since it seems “not that bad”!  Once the skin starts releasing its contents buried underneath (many layers of congestion) can be present, and  it can turn inflammatory. This type of acne can take more time to treat. Noninflamed  acne is commonly seen from use of comedogenic make-up, hair products, and coconut oil over the course of months. Using these acne unsafe products does not show up right away, it takes time to cause that congestion in the skin.
  • Combination Acne (has both the above lesions),  I treat the inflamed first, get that under control with good home care and acne treatments, Blue LED Light and a lot of icing of the inflamed lesions. Then, we will work on getting all the non-inflamed lesions under control, this is where the patience lies, but with use of recommended skin care, good diet choices, and eliminating comedogenic make-up and hair care products the journey will be successful!!!

Acne can be a journey and a complicated one as you can see, but with our teamwork we will uncover the changes we need to be an acne success story!

Is it time to schedule and get your acne under control?Inflamed Acne is treated at Skin and Acne Specialist


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