During this consultation you will find out about your inflammatory skin disease that is acne. You will learn and take home valuable information about your type of acne.  You will learn about how dietary triggers, stress, and skin care products effect your skin. You will also learn about acneagenic and comedogenic products, vitamins and supplements that can help, or make your acne condition worse. Reductions in your acne can be seen in as little as one month. You will also learn about safe and effective treatment options for acne.

During the Acne Treatment a skin analysis will be performed and your skin will be treated appropriately to your acne and skin type. This treatment will boost the healing of existing acne lesions and move you into clearer, more beautiful skin for a lifetime.

Depending on your acne type, treatments over the course of 90 days will move your skin toward getting clear. You will see significant changes in about 6 weeks.  Find out how you can get clear and stay clear for life. 60 min.

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“Acne is not a one size fits all treatment like the commercials you see on TV. When you are ready to change your skin, I guarantee this will be worth it!”


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