Tips from the Skin and Acne Specialist in Wisconsin on how to reduce acne lesionsThese tips are incorporated from what I have learned as a Face Reality Acne Specialist and reading great books. I have used these tips blended into my lifestyle and found with reduction of stress they work really well.

#1  Take Zinc.
Face Reality recommends 50-100mg of Zinc for acne prone skin, but if you are under a lot of stress the higher dose can be beneficial. Make sure to take with food since higher doses of zinc can cause nausea and stomach upset.

#2 Take Fish oils.
1000-1700mg works to reduce inflammation in your body and provide a therapeutic effect on acne.

#3 Reduce or eliminate dairy!
Milk contains a minimum of two hormones that stimulate oil gland activity and is tied to higher insulin levels in the body. High insulin levels are a way to increase inflammation therefore contributing to your acne lesions especially cystic.

#4 Reduce or eliminate high glycemic foods; bread, sugar, and sweets of any kind.
There are glycemic indexes available to help in reducing inflammatory foods out of your life. Check out my Pinterest site for more information and links to low glycemic foods and also articles pertaining to milk and acne.

#5 Add probiotics to your diet.

#6 Reduce Caffeine.
Any stimulation to the adrenal glands could potentially cause more androgenic activity in the body. Be especially aware of drugs, even prescription drugs can cause havoc on your skin.

#7 Drink Green Tea.
Research boasts about green tea’s antioxidant effect on the body and also is linked to a reduction in testosterone.

Diet plays a critical role in acne activity and is a window to your overall health. Take acne as a wake up call to the internal health of your body. No longer can we expect others to fix us, we have to research and take charge of our overall health along with acne reducing topical products to reduce acne lesions.

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