Tips to prevent breakouts under your medical mask!
Use Vaseline or Aquafor (if safe) under your mask to prevent friction.
Use all noncomedogenic skin care and haircare (email me for a free list at ([email protected])
Use Vaseline as your lip balm (no other lip products)
Use loose mineral foundation powder for makeup!
 Prevent mask friction and protect skin as much as possible, I’ll be praying for you and email for for any help you need at this time! 
✅Change the mask periodically during the day.
✅If you are wearing washable/reusable masks, make sure you are using a Scent FREE DYE FREE Detergent. No essential oils, no fabric softener, no dryer sheets and definitely no oxy-clean or laundry additive of any type!
✅Cleanse throughout the day in the area, with either Toner Soaked Pads or Water Wipes.
✅Avoid using makeup in that area.
✅Careful that it may become Perioral Dermatitis too, that is a possibility.
✅Invest in a Blue LED Hand Held Light for targeting lesions. My clients will use their acne med in the morning in that area and use Sulfur Spot Treatment at night on top of their Acne Med can also give them a boost.

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