to pick or not to pick at your acneLet’s talk about Pressure and Friction with acne and “#Picking”! I think everyone who has acne can rightfully say, “I’ve done this!” So, lets talk about why we shouldn’t, I am not trying to add to a guilt sandwich, but let’s explore the reasons…

1. #Microcomedones are always lurking in #acne-prone skin; the manipulation, friction, picking, or scratching simply encourages #comedones to rupture. In example, foot ball pads, helmets, or head bands can cause problems with friction in acne prone skin.

2. #Picking- “Since the pore opening is more or less closed, if pressure is put on the surrounding area hoping to expel the impacted material, the only thing that can happen is that the follicle wall will burst from the pressure just as a BALLOON would if persistently squeezed. Squeezing a whitehead almost assures that it will become a full-fledged #papule, #pustule or #nodule!” (complements of AcneRx by Dr James Fulton Jr)

So as a recap, what is happening here:

  1. We invite greater inflammation (PAIN) = (more redness, pain and swelling)
  2. We rupture the follicle wall (EXPLOSION) = (more redness, pain and swelling)
  3. We increase our chance of scarring (BAD) = (more redness, pain and swelling)
  4. Most of the time we don’t get all the lesion out which can allow it to flare again. (AGAIN)

So a few reasons to let that bad boy go!

Get help with acne that is out of control or persistent, all acne can scar, even if not manipulated.  There are ways an Acne Professional can help and its much bigger than what we can sometimes do on our own!

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