How to use your Face Reality Acne Products for best results.
Don’t use a wash cloth, Norwex cloth, or any scrubbing brush with your acne cleanser. Using this can cause your products to penetrate deeper, cause dryness, or irritate your pores causing more breakouts. Just use your fingers ūüôā
Please note: unless you have all blackheads and NO inflamed Acne (Red sore lesions) using an exfoliating scrub is not always recommended unless NO inflamed Acne is present. Sometimes if you have combination acne having two cleansers is best! I use the Antioxidant Scrub (love it in the shower) and have Ultra Gentle Cleanser by the sink. We have to follow what your skin is doing at the present time.

Using your toner is an essential step. Toners remove the remaining make-up, pollution, and dirt left behind. Did you know pollution causes premature aging? (Do you need one more reason to cleanse before bed?) Toners also balance the pH of the skin. They provide Hydration like the Moisture Balance Toner, soothe sensitive skin (Calming Toner) or provide more antibacterial action like the Acne Beta-C Toner. Your toner may change with the seasons or what your skin is doing at the present time.

Apply serums after the toner. Face Reality Serums must be applied with 2-3 pumps to cover the entire face. It should feel a little sloppy. If you have the neck, chest, or back involved with Acne then apply 2-3 pumps to that area too. If you do not use enough serum or skip serum you will NOT get the benefits or results you deserve. You deserve GREAT results. These serums lighten dark marks, exfoliate, and have anti-aging benefits. Think of these serums like giving yourself a mini-peel!

Hydrabalance is an excellent water-based hydrator that can be safely used under acne medications. Along with antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it also helps to reduce oily shine. It contains the following specialty ingredients like Lilac Stem Cells to help regulate sebum and Sodium Hyaluronate to prevent trans-epidermal water loss.
Here’s a tip: Hydrabalance is also a great way to prevent sensitivity to your skin care. In the winter we need to layer our products (and this goes for sensitive and¬†dry skin without acne). The Hydrabalance can be layered after the toner before you put your serum on to provide a hydration buffer for the skin. This prevents dryness and irritation. You would also use this again after the serum for an ad. Dry skin needs extra TLC.

Acne Medication
Your¬†Acne Medication¬†must be used at night daily to¬†prevent lesions from forming. A dime or nickel sized amount must be applied or it’s not enough. Apply all over the face avoiding the eye area. (Think of a Hockey Mask when applying.) This is the last step on an acne routine.
Acne medications need to be slowly introduced over time. Acne Medications need 3-4 months to work optimally without skipping a night.

Spot treating
If you only spot treat an Acne Medication doing so will not work. Once the acne is there its too late! Acne has been forming under the skin for 90 days. The only spot treatment I have is the Acne Med with Sulfur. Which needs to be used sparingly over the top of the Acne Med at night in only needed areas.
“Did you know I have¬†online ordering¬†and I ship fast?”
“If you are interested in some Face Reality products you will notice my online ordering for some cleansers, serums and acne medications are password protected. That is so I can teach you the correct way to use them!¬†Contact mefor more information!”

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