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New! Oxyjet Brightening Facial

Oxyjet Brightening Facial  is a Korean beauty treatment developed to treat dark spots, pigmentation and regenerates the skin. Oxygen bubbles purifies, soothes, and moisturizes without irritation. Get clear, soft and visibly radiant skin that glows. Penetrating oxygen refines, exfoliates and reduces dark spots. Oxyjet uses arbutin, hyaluronic acid and panthenol. This cutting edge 75 Min Korean […]

Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Cosmetic Needling Results:  Increase in cell nutrients to the skin Optimize cell function Stimulates your own collagen naturally Improve: Wrinkles Thin skin density & epidermal density and strength Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots) Rosacea Loss of resiliency Premature aging Scars Laxity Stretch marks UV damage

Acne and Exercise!

  Step 1: Get a plastic baggie. Step 2: Grab your Acne Safe Toner! Step 3: Soak some 4×4 or 2×2 Nonwoven Gauze pads or Cotton Rounds with your Toner! SEAL UP AND YOU ARE READY TO GO TO THE GYM! “Cleansing your skin after exercise is important. When we exercise our body releases excess iodine […]

February Facial Specials

Dynamic Vitamin C Facial A dynamic antioxidant mask system provides repair, rejuvenation, brightening, firming and purification in one. It is highly effective after exfoliation and will calm the skin, and feed the skin a dose of Vitamin C.Benefits are: A dynamic mask system that provides firming, brightening and purifying results. $70 Add in a Vitamin C Peel $20 […]

Lifestyle Changes For Beautiful Clear Acne Free Skin!

 Reduce Your Stress! Having too much stress in your life is the biggest acne aggravator. You are worth a lifestyle modification to do this! Do whatever it takes, you are worth it, and you always have choices. Remove Iodine From Your Diet. Foods that are high in Iodides are Dairy (All Dairy, EVEN ORGANIC). Dairy is […]


Treatment Tips For Cold Winter Skin

The Face Reality Hydrabalance Sandwich Winter can sometimes make it difficult to stay on your acne routine when cold weather hits. The Hydrabalance Sandwich is for someone who is dry/dehydrated and on the Face Reality Acne Skin Care Program. (Complements of Face Reality)   AM: Cleanse, Tone, HYDRABALANCE, Serum, HYDRABALANCE, Moisturize, SPF. PM: Cleanse, Tone, HYDRABALANCE, […]

Tips from the Skin and Acne Specialist in Wisconsin on how to reduce acne lesions

Acnegenic, Comedogenic and Allergenic, Oh My!

Comedogenic, Acnegenic, and Allergenic, Oh My! Comedogenic ˌkämədōˈjenik/ adjective adjective: comedogenic tending to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin. (Definition is complements of Google)   There is more to acne than just the buzz word “comedogenic”. Comedogenic is a generic term used by most people to describe a skin care ingredient that […]