Acne Proof Your Morning Routine!

Acne Proof Your Morning Routine!

How do you be acne safe with your morning routine? Here are some tips to stay clear everyday! I hope these help you like they do me to maintain clear, beautiful acne free skin!  Every day we apply ten or more skin care products before we even walk out the door. I am...

Staying Acne Free in Summer- June is Acne Awareness Month!

With summer in full swing there are common issues that occur with acne prone skin that I have seen in my skin care business. There are ways to prevent summer break outs with some preventative measures. Always have a carefully planned skin care routine that you follow...

Tips to Keeping Skin Clear

1. Change your pillowcases every few days and flip it on a nightly basis! 2. Avoid Dairy, Soy, Peanut Butter and Sports Drinks! 3. Before adding any new vitamins or supplements read each and ingredient on the label, even the inactive ingredients. Ingredients to avoid...

June is Acne Awareness Month

I want to dispel the myth that acne is normal or a right of passage into adulthood that adolescents must endure. Acne is a systemic inflammatory disease, all acne is abnormal and truly a window into our inner health. What acne is? Acne is a disease of the pores and...

Acne Treatment by Face Reality Acne Specialist

Acne treatment by Face Reality Acne Specialist  There is a new way to treat acne that most don’t know exists. Most acne sufferers start at a dermatologist’s office but it can end at mine. I understand the frustration one feels leaving the doctor’s office with very...
Acne Specialist in the News

Acne Specialist in the News

For those of you who receive the Express News check out my article and ad in the Family Matters publication it’s all about how I help people with acne.  On page 13! So excited it’s published.

Acne Safe Sunscreens

I have an Acne Safe sunscreen! Do you? I have heard so many times people breaking out from them, but don’t use that as a reason not to protect your skin! And REMEMBER Mineral foundations provide SOME protection, but not enough! It is all about Application! Check out...
The Naked Truth About Naked Juices

The Naked Truth About Naked Juices

Naked Juices may make you feel great! But they are terrible if you have ACNE prone skin! Anything high in algae, chlorella, spirulina, Blue Green Algae, or Carageenan are ACNE TIME BOMBS! Enjoy if you aren’t acne prone! Go for Low-glycemic beverages too!

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